Charlene Diane Alsip

My name is Charlene Diane Alsip, I am 28 years young and am a full-time entrepreneur from San Antonio Texas. God blessed me with the gift to paint absolutley anything to life, and I chose to pursue a career out of this gift on February 6th, 2011 when I discovered my gift out of chance. Over these past 10 years of painting, I have created a multitude of worlds and canvases for numerous restaurants, businesses, and private residences all ranging in a variety of categories- from scenic murals to logos and lettering, family portraits on canvas, sea life, Italian Garden Scenery, Fantasy Worlds, vector art, Wildlife Murals, custom designs/requests, etc and have found there is absolutely no limitation of a style or category to what I am able to create. My ambition is to be a vessel in utilizing the gift God blessed me with so I may be of service to all others in his name, and give back some sort of light and healing to all people of every walk of life through the worlds I am able to paint to life.